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Feb 21 2023, 09:18
The team's focus is on winning, the collapse will continue to
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As of now, Cam Newton is still without an organization. It's not commonplace that a 31-year-old MVP-winning quarterback could not find the starting position, especially in the NFL, where more teams are relying on old QB talent. There are serious injuries to be concerned about and the team isn't worried about it. Super Bowl 50 has lingered over Newton as a negative image, proof that he wasn't able to be a winner of "the huge one."

If the Panthers decide to move on a different course, and had an Super Bowl winning MVP on their roster, it's highly likely that the perception of the league of Newton changes from only a health risk to being a missed opportunity. Carolina are likely to receive something back in exchange for a trade, with teams prepared to roll the dice in the hopes of acquiring a proven winner instead of duking for it in the free market.

At the very minimum, it appears likely that the Colts could have picked Newton ahead of Philip Rivers, or the Bears decide to move on from Mitchell Trubisky. There is a possibility that the Los Angeles Chargers are another possible destination within this particular scenario. It doesn't change how the players look in the league nearly as much however Newton being the winner of Super Bowl 50 makes him an established player.

The situation is by the perfect storm. Newton is a quarterback, who by all rights should be starting in Buy Madden 23 coins  however, is left without a team entering the summer. Concerns over his injuries may be justifiable and are substantiated, but considering other risks teams are willing to ignore at the quarterback position, it's much easier to place your bets on Newton returning to his former form and not expect a QB that never "had his way" to suddenly learn to play in Madden NFL 23.